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Real bikes for Real People

Our Name is Our Story

Behind the Brodie name, is Paul Brodie. Originally an artist and motorcycle fanatic, he began painting and brass-welding frames for mountain bikes in 1985. It wasn't long before he invented and trademarked the Vancouver sloping top tube, launching a brand of bikes bearing the Brodie name. On September 29th, 2005, Paul was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame at Interbike in Las Vegas, creating an international fan base for the Vancouver brand. Today, Brodie bikes are a product of our passion and a proud part of our local community.

A Better Ride With You in Mind

A Brodie isn't just a bike, it's a right of passage. Built with the individual rider in mind, Brodie bikes are built to blaze the trails of your choosing. From epic off-roading to beachside cruising, there's a Brodie that's right for you. Over the years, we've built our fair share of bikes and each one has played a role in shaping who we've become. I n fact, don't be surprised if after all these years, we still remember your 2003 White Holeshot or 2008 Root Beer Ronin. We're a small company and better yet, a community. We're not about making hundreds of different models (just to have hundreds of different models). We're about making original, quality bikes from concept to production so the bike you love now, is the bike you'll love for the years to come.



We’ve always been big fans of Canadian frame builder Paul Brodie. Quiet, unassuming and spilling over with mechanical engineering prowess, he was a pioneer in the world of mountain bikes (and now an inductee in the Mt. Bike Hall of Fame). Of course, as much as we admired him as a bicycle guy, you can imagine how much his approval rating shot up when we found out he was also an avid throttle twister. Of all his creations, his handmade replica of an old Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle was the most outlandish – he literally made a complete motorcycle by himself. Not unlike the brilliance shown by the late John Britten who made racing history with his own hand-built motorcycle, with a single creation Paul set himself apart, and above, all the celebrity chopper builders who have found fame & fortune with their outlandish designs and family antics. Continue reading THE WORLD ACCORDING TO PAUL BRODIE via/ Road Bike Action…