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Meet Bruce Spicer

Age: "Over The Hill Racer"
Resides: North Vancouver, BC
Skills: Brodie Product Manager
Ride: 1-Ball, Tryst, 2 x Holeshots, Mettle, Zealot, 2 x Romax

Bruce is our Product Manager. He spent the better part of the eighties and nineties as a member of the Canadian National Road Team (8yrs) and a pro-level Mountain biker (8yrs). With an unprecedented 13 Canadian national titles, Bruce has experienced more pleasure and pain in the saddle than most of us mere mortals could ever comprehend. Responsible for the design of the Brodie line, Bruce carries a quite ‘serial-killer’ type demeanour that allows him the patience and passion to create the quality you see from Brodie year after year.

1. How long have you been working for Brodie?
12 Years

2. What are you daily duties?
Arrive late, leave late. Design, spec, follow up on deliveries of new bikes. Sweep floors and answer phones, ask Andrew to make coffee, and work on bikes.

3. Favourite Brodie moment?
Every day I'm here around bikes. I like bikes. Especially Brodie bikes that I had a hand in.

4. Do you remember your first bike?
Yes! A 24 inch JC Higgins.

5. Is there one bike in the current lineup that you have a special fondness for?
I think my favourite this year is the Drifter, with the Section.8 a close second. That changes daily though.

6. Were you born in Vancouver? If not, where did the glorious moment take place?
Amherst, Nova Scotia.

7. Did you have a hero to look up to when you were growing up? If so, who was it?
No, but a couple of sporting heros are Eddy Merckx and Alex Zanardi.

8. How would you describe your wardrobe?
In need of an intervention from that guy and girl on TV.

9. Where were you Tuesday, July 30, 1996? hint: Olympic year.
On the side of the course at the XC race in Atlanta.

10. Do you have a favourite kind of music you listen to?
That changes all the time. One day it's cheesy eighties music, the next it is late seventies punk. Today it was all classical, so today I like Vivaldi.

11. If you could eat something every day, what would it be? (fave meal/style)
Chocolate. Chocolate fondue, chocolate candy bars, and chocolate cake.

12. Cook at home or dine out?
Cook at home. (Not chocolate though)

13. Do you Tweet?
Tweetie birds tweet. I don't.

14. Coffee or tea?
Good coffee, otherwise tea.

15. Starbuck's or indie?
JJ Bean.

16. Mac or PC?

17. Cell, iPhone or Blackberry?

18. Road ride or trail ride?
Both are awesome. But where I live, it has to be the trail ride.

19. Derailleur, single speed or fixed gear?
Derailleur, but single speed sometimes, and maybe track again this winter?

20. Slipons, laces or Velcro?
Laces, done up just tight enough to pry the shoe off.

21. Black lace or red?
No lace, I prefer silk or nothing.