SORRY // the Canadians go to SSCXWCXPDX

It’s been over a month since we donned our Canadian Tuxedos and stepped into the homeland of Freedom (eagle screech), PBR and PEOTUS to visit the host city that birthed the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships 10 years ago.

Just before being late to qualifiers. @curbwzrd @darknorth @_meat_ fell out of the internet.

As CX season comes to a wrap across the globe, we thought we would take a look back, and see if there is anything we can remember.

Our contingent of northerners was anything but motley – with representatives in the form of Vancouver Island’s StuckyLife, the Mainland’s VCXC, VANSS, ReignInMud, Mighty/OnTheRivet and general ne’er do wells from the Brodie #bTeam permeating the bunch, the ambassadors from America’s Hat were well represented.

Ever important reusable beverage dispensing units

With us was our excellent friend (we have the best friends) Warren Fenton, documenting the debacle and spearheading Pizza Acquirement and Boosting Updates.

The event is best described as a party with a bike race in it. But before that bike race you have to get into that bike race. And after that bike race, if you didn’t get into the bike race, there are other bike races for you to attempt. Between qualifiers, dual slalom racing, the Loser race and the main events, there was no shortness of event. Also, the $1 beers helped idle away your time/sobriety.

There are others who have used more words to explain the course of events, however, it might be disingenuous to pretend I actually know what happened most of the time. Let us review photo evidence from conscientious participator, Mr. Fenton, and see what our minds eye reveals.

sscx-37 (1)
Sean of Cycle Therapy Duncan getting sendy.
Emilie dropped in from Cumberland to rep BiblioTaco
Judy aka Mangy from Shift Happens in Devon Alberta! What a drive!
Not ours. #seemsfine™
Juliette and Kellen working the tandem through the Beaver Dam
Our very own Summers, leading the Losers Race revealing his secret hoverbike
This ended how you think it will. PS – this pond is not deep
Also, a yoga ball to the face is a lot heavier than you think
Rob from VANSSCX encouraging Summers, who would eventually win the biggest loser race and bring defining glory to Vancouver’s SSCX Masters Racers
general vibes
Juliette shredding
Pepper from Shift Happens / Inspector Gadget / Awesome
Aidan grilling eventual 5 time SSCXWChamipon Adam Craig
Leave it to Hodala to dredge this up
This helmet may have encouraged yoga balls
Scouts Canada has yet to release a SSCXWC badge
When was the last time you organized a race from a sound-system-canoe in a field on a farm?

Thanks for another amazing year SSCXWC, and huge props to people that organize events like this.



PS. Oh yea, Sven Nys came, but he didn’t win, so whatever.